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Advanced Software for Managing and Validating Contracts

Our mission is to deliver simple solutions to help organisations increase efficiency, reduce costs, lower risk and achieve compliance.

Less work, more accuracy.

Take control of your data, automate your processes and improve productivity.

Data Handling

A repository of all stakeholder data, accessed via our state-of-the-art portal.

Relationship Management

Manage your contractual relationships.


Automated checks utilising a sophisticated business rules engine.

Task Management

Manage queries linked to organisations, contracts, sites and connections.

Reporting & Analytics

Data at your fingertips, a simple yet effective reporting & business intelligence solution.


Comprehensive Support including 'How To' Guides, a Knowledge Base & Help Desk.

Easy to use and extremely powerful.

Our software utilises a Business Rules Engine to perform complex data validations. Generic and custom validation rules can be configured with ease. 

Remote collaboration

Allocate tasks across your team, monitor progress and set-up alerts.

Information at a glance

Our reporting and analytics tools puts your data at your fingertips, providing a simple yet effective reporting and business intelligence solution.

Used by consultancies and large businesses.

We combine a Software as a Service (SaaS) model with a range of support options, taking a collaborative approach and providing a service tailored to your needs.

"Working with Captrics has been transformative for our business."
P3P Partners
"The product cost is certainly justified by the resources saved on in-house invoice management."

Structure and automate your data handling.

Our Cloud solution enables quick and easy implementation, high scalability and fast processing.
State-of-the-art tech enables us to meet your evolving requirements.
Save time and improve accuracy with business processes automation.
Connect into existing and legacy systems.
Fast, easy access to your data via APIs, reports & downloads.