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Category: Industry News

BSUoS Error – Recovery Confirmed

Funds To Be Recovered During Following Year​.

NGSEO BSUoS Error – A Case In Point For Validation?

Formatting Change & Insufficient Controls Lead To £44m BSUoS Under-Recovery National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) is the electricity system operator for Great Britain. One of their responsibilities is to

A BSUoS Stocking Filler?​

Market Manipulation Leads To BSUoS Refunds​.

Renewables Obligation Refund

Back in May we posted about the additional Renewables Obligation (RO) charges for customers who had 'pass through' type electricity contracts in 2018-19. At the time, we warned of an additional "one off" charge due to a shortfall in payments from non-compliant suppliers.

Renewables Obligation Mutualisation Costs

Renewables Obligation (RO) mutualisation costs for the 2018-19 compliance year are expected to be distributed in the coming months.