New Product Feature: Declarations

With our latest new feature, we’ve created the ability to register and manage Declarations related to entities registered in our portal.

What Are Declarations?

Declarations are used in the Captrics portal to register that an entity (e.g. an organisation) is entitled to relief from a particular tariff. 

For example, as part of its energy efficiency strategy, an organisation may enter into a Climate Change Agreement with the Environment Agency to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. In return, the organisation is granted a discount on the amount of Climate Change Levy it is required to pay (a tax added to electricity and fuel bills).

What Are The Parameters Of A Declaration?

For each Declaration registered in the portal, users have the ability to define the following parameters and settings:

  • Declaration Type – The type of Declaration being registered (see below for some examples)
  • Title – A user defined label for the declaration.
  • Registered Entities – Declarations are registered on a per entity basis with the ability to apply bespoke subsets (e.g. specific contracts or connections belonging to an organisation).
  • Start / End Dates – The dates for which a Declaration is applicable.
  • Declaration Specific Configuration Items – Declarations may have the option of additional fields such as relief amounts or declaration sub-types.
  • Remark(s) – (Optional) Users may add remarks for their own benefit.
  • Attachment(s) – (Optional) Users may upload documents, e.g. copies of certificates etc.

What Extra Functionality Does This Give Me?

In addition to the benefits of being able to manage your Declarations online in a structured and efficient manner, the key advantage of registering your Declarations on on our portal is the ability for your discount eligibilities to be automatically incorporated into validation of your contracts and invoices.

Our portal will ensure that any eligible reliefs or discounts owing to your Declarations are automatically applied when validations are being performed. Therefore, you can rest assured that any invoicing errors are automatically highlighted to you at the earliest opportunity. No more manual checks!

What Types Of Declaration Can I Register?

Owing to the flexible nature of our software infrastructure, we can register any Declaration type you may require. 

So far, we have set-up Declarations for Climate Change Agreements, Certification for Good Quality CHP (CHPQA) and Reverse Charging of VAT. 

If you have a specific Declaration you would like us to help you with, please get in touch. New Declaration Types are easy to add and we’ll be happy to help.