Generic - Gas Meter Data Check Process

New Product Feature: Custom Business Processes

Our latest feature provides an automated solution for all of your day-to-day business processes.

What's It All About?

We’ve complimented our comprehensive contract and invoice validation capabilities with a great new feature that will enable businesses to run automated processes and validations on any stakeholder data sets. 

What Are The Possibilities?

Wherever your business is undertaking any kind of data led processes, we can provide an automated, fully integrated solution. The flexible nature of our software makes for endless possibilities. Here are some example processes that we can automate:

How Will This Help My Business?

The benefits are wide ranging:

How Do Captrics' Clients Use This Functionality?

Example 1 – Checking External v Internal Meter Readings 

Problem – Our client had noticed that on many occasions, the quantity of energy that was reported on their invoices was substantially different to that recorded by their own data loggers. 

Solution – We connected to the Clients database to access their internal meter reading data. We then created some bespoke validation rules to compare the invoice data with the client data. 

Result – Improved accuracy of the client’s checks and the saving of many man hours of manual checking each month. 

Example 2 – Automatic Task Creation For Contract Renewals

Problem – With hundreds of customers to manage and thousands of contracts, our Client sometimes missed import contract renewal dates resulting in last minute efforts to arrange renewals. 

Solution – We created a bespoke check that would search for contracts that have an upcoming expiry, check if a task had already been created to handle the renewal and if not, create a new task and assign it to the correct team or team member. 

Result – No more missed renewals or last minute arranging of new contracts. Improved productivity from proper work management. 

Example 3 – Commodity Hedging – Traded Volumes Alerts 

Problem – Our Client manages many flexible energy contracts on behalf of their large customer portfolio. They were finding it challenging to monitor both the current traded position (executed transactions) and the corresponding volume of unhedged or ‘open’ volume for each customer.   

Solution – We created a scheduled process to:

  1. Calculate the customers’ open volume as a percentage of their total forecasted volume.
  2. Issue a report showing a chart of this data for each customer.
  3. Create warning messages for instances where the open volume percentage breached a tolerance level which varied based on the time to delivery.  

Result – The Client is able to manage its customer portfolio more effectively, ensuring that the customers’ chosen hedging strategy is properly implemented. The customers also received a helpful periodic report on their hedging status.