Integration of Jules' Online Trading Platform

At Captrics, we understand the importance to businesses of controlling every single component of your energy contracts. That’s why we have built an in-depth module for validation of the complex commodity costs within flexible energy contracts. We can dissect any contract type to validate the correct calculation of your trading activity, right down to a 15 or 30 minute granularity.   

We are now pleased to report that we have been able to expand this great feature by teaming up with our friends at Jules, integrating customer trading data from their unique JuleSmart Trading Platform into our software.

JuleSmart, created by Dutch company Jules, is offered by a growing number of Energy Suppliers in the UK and the Netherlands as a powerful tool for managing flexible energy contracts. The JuleSmart service provides businesses the ability to execute energy ‘trades’ (purchases or sales of electricity or gas) with their Energy Suppliers via an online web portal.

Working together with Jules, we have embedded their ‘JuleSmart Traded Position API’ into our portal, enabling us to automatically retrieve JuleSmart data for any Captrics customers operating their energy contracts on JuleSmart.  

Our application will automatically retrieve the following customer and contract data from JuleSmart:

  • Power Traded Position Data – The HH’ly Capacity, Volume, Cost and Price for all Long Term, Short Term and Within Day electricity positions in addition to the HH’ly electricity Total Traded Position, Imbalance Position and Result.
  • Power Trades – The Trade ID, Capacity, Volume, Cost and Price for all electricity trades.
  • Gas Traded Position Data – The daily Capacity, Volume, Cost and Price for all Long Term traded gas positions in addition to the daily gas Imbalance Position and Result.
  • Gas Trades – The Trade ID, Capacity, Volume, Cost and Price for all gas trades.

Captrics customers can then benefit from this continual data feed in our Trading module with lots of great features including:

  • Contract & Portfolio Management – The JuleSmart data is displayed in the Captrics Portal for single and multi-site customers, allowing users to monitor their traded position, both before and after delivery.
  • Invoice Integration – Captrics users can view their flexible commodity costs, on a per component basis, side-by-side with their supplier invoice.
  • Invoice Validation – Coupling the JuleSmart data with our vast database of industry tariffs enables us to perform the complex validations required to check that customers are being invoiced correctly for their energy. We can check every detail at the highest granularity for all contract types.   
For more information about Jules and their services check out their LinkedIn page or Website.