E4PRO seek to provide peace of mind for energy consumers through tailor-made advice. They offer a wide range of services including collective purchasing, market monitoring, purchasing strategy, energy management, advice and invoice verification in order to deliver the greatest savings for their clients.

Working With Captrics

E4PRO and Captrics have been collaborating since 2013. Prior to working with Captrics, E4PRO used a CRM application for the registration and management of their customers and inhouse Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to store meter data and validate invoices.

E4PRO approached Captrics with a goal of reassigning their resources away from highly manual, low skilled administrative tasks to areas where employees can add greatest value for their customers.

Enabling A Smarter Approach

E4PRO and Captrics set an initial objective of automating the process of validating customer invoices. The initial functions sought by E4PRO were the replacement of their Excel spreadsheets and the manual collection and input of data.

After confirming the initial data sets and data structure, Captrics guided E4PRO through the step-by-step, gradual process of migrating their customer data and businesses processes to the Captrics software. In doing so, E4PRO were able to benefit from a cleansing of the data held within the company and immediately profited from having a new, fast and direct mechanism to access to their data in a concise, industry tailored structure.

Upon experiencing the benefits of the Captrics software, E4PRO took the decision to migrate the customer data from their entire customer portfolio to the Captrics software and then retire their previous CRM application.

As of today, E4PRO use the Captrics invoice validation application as their only software for the fulfilment of their services to their customers.

Benefits To E4PRO

  • Low Cost – Being built on Liferay’s digital experience software, Captrics’ offered a solution with low implementation costs
  • Time Saving – Captrics have enabled E4PRO to reduce the time spent on repetitive, low value tasks and focus on value adding activities.
  • Flexibility – Additional data sets were easy to implement and reports could be quickly created aligning with business needs
  • Accuracy – Automation led to improved invoice accuracy and substantially reduced manual errors
  • Insight – Captrics provide both software expertise and energy market knowledge helping E4PRO overcome market complexities
"I am amazed that Captrics actually outperforms the systems of the big energy suppliers. The software not only performs faster than our previous systems but also does a much better job. Working with Captrics has been transformative for our business​."
- Jan Lokkers, Owner